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Moana Review - PhantomStrider :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 33 34 Chronicles of Ragnarok (PhantomStrider's novel) :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 19 32 Halloween picture - Dark Strider Live Action :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 52 36 PhantomStrider BoJack Horseman Review :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 30 13 PhantomStrider by Nabibble Jr :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 35 11 Phantomstrider by Vermilion Sokolov :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 41 32 Captain America : Civil War: PhantomStrider Review :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 26 43 Phantom Strider by Ewan Wallace X :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 18 6 The Jungle Book 2016 - PhantomStrider Review :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 13 11 Dark PhantomStrider by Mike :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 20 12 Star Wars The Force Awakens - Phantom Strider :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 16 14 Batman V Superman PhantomStrider Review :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 17 55 Zootopia Phantom Strider Review :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 23 37 Phantomstrider8 By Teamation :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 12 2 Phantomstrider By Mike :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 19 2 Phantom Strider 8 :iconphantomstrider:Phantomstrider 14 4


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Moana Review - PhantomStrider
Strangely, this is the first Disney film in a while I've been surprisingly split on...
Yes the animation is spectacular and the setting seems completely original. And don't get me wrong.. This is a solid, smart, well-paced movie. But by Disney's massively high standards, I was a little disappointed with certain aspects.

But the entire movie felt strangely cookie-cutter to me.. The characters felt unusually predictable. Moana felt like a repeat of Ariel from The Little Mermaid to me with a bit of Jasmine from Aladdin thrown in with the same "see the world!" motivation. While she has more spunk and strength than Ariel might have, this movie feels strangely like a re-treat of previous Disney movies to me.

That being said, the movie is very funny. I saw this one with animetist and we were both chuckling all the way through. The delivery and timing of some of the comedy was excellent, though I certainly would've enjoyed seeing that chicken finally cooked! Both of us kept on hoping that the chicken would disappear every time he was thrown overboard and cheering when it looked like he would be killed. But the chicken just wouldn't be offed! The chicken was a bit like a cockroach overstaying its welcome. But despite this, the pleasant characters, even if very predictable, were funny and enjoyable to watch.

The ocean concept was perhaps my favourite part of the movie. Moana having the ocean actively helping her all throughout the movie was so original and amazing to watch. Somehow Disney created "ocean body language" .... How is that even possible?! If it is, only Disney was able to figure it out so perfectly. Loved any scenes with the ocean.

I guess I normally expect more complexity from Disney movies nowadays after things like Zootopia and deeper core issues to be addressed. But I guess every movie can't be a Zootopia. And Moana is still a humourous, relatively original, beautifully animated Disney movie. Even if my standards are very high for Disney, I still recommend this movie highly.
Chronicles of Ragnarok (PhantomStrider's novel)
WARNING! THIS BOOK IS VERY BORING!! While you're more than welcome to take a look, I'm mainly posting it here to keep a backup copy. I used to have it on my old account but removed it after I started on YouTube.

This book's basically a story I wrote to help cope with anxiety and to express my feelings while growing up. After I saw Rebecca Sugar's post on expressing your emotions through a creative art, I decided to upload it :)

AGAIN! THIS BOOK IS BORING! But if you do read some of it and have any comments, I'd love to hear them :)
Lisa didn't miss a thing :D love this picture Lisa. Thanks!
My version of Phantomstrider8 in South Park form
A little surprise for :iconphantomstrider: to start off November. I did not forget the lightsaber and banana. :)

You can make a South Park avatar here:
Halloween picture - Dark Strider Live Action
Felt like trying a live action shot of Dark Strider since it's the spooky season :) Not sure how well it turned out but I think I at least look "darker" :P
PhantomStrider BoJack Horseman Review
Yowch.. I've never been both so torn and invested in a cartoon series at the same time before. BoJack Horseman is a character that is excruciating to watch, but at the same time, his day-to-day mental struggles are completely understandable. All the main characters in Bojack Horseman feel more real and relatable than I felt in a cartoon in a long time. While this is not a cartoon you watch to try and put yourself in a good mood, it is a cartoon I highly recommend to adult viewers. From Princess Carolyn to Todd to Dianne, each character has an inner struggle that is slowly fleshed out as the story has progressed through the 3 series so far.

The cartoon discusses a bit of everything from capitalism, fame, infamy, to the finite nature of human experience. While I personally found Todd's "shennanigans" and BoJack's cruel, selfish nature a little repeatitive at times, much of it is to drive home a deep point the show is trying to make, so it is difficult to fault. The other minor nitpick is Bojack starts off to a slow start in season 1 and it takes til about season 2 to really get characters having some of those deeper experiences.

If you've got some spare time to binge-watch a bit of this Netflix series, I highly recommend older viewers give it at least one looksie. I doubt you'll have seen anything quite like it.


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